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Now Available: Dragon’s Rival by H. L. Burke


Two royal men and the woman they both want

At the end of the last book, Shannon wasn’t given much of a choice between Prince Ewan and Prince Ryan, as Ewan took himself out of the running and out of the country. However, forces outside their control are going to throw them back together. Ewan must decide whether he’ll let her break down his walls, and she must decide if she wants a human life with Ryan, or an uncertain future with Ewan.

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Audio Sample:

      1. Sample - H. L. Burke

Publisher’s Summary:

Having abandoned his friends and family and taken to the skies, Ewan hides himself in the Wilderlands, away from humans. However, an unexpected attempt on his life and a warning from another dragon lead him to suspect that not all is right in Regone.

Ewan returns to his homeland to attend his brother’s wedding and discover the source of the bounty on his head. Once there the dragon prince finds that Ryan of Westshire has been using his absence to court the Lady Shannon.

With unknown forces working to undermine his brother’s throne and his own heart torn between his love for Shannon and the desire to see her happy, Ewan must choose once and for all. Is he a dragon or a man?

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