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Escaping the Ordinary Life


Some big news:

Escaping the Ordinary Life by Josh and Rachel Rasmussen

My friend Rachel Rasmussen has written a book with her husband, and the Kindle version is now available on She is also recording the Audible version for a prompt release.

Rachel is ridiculously talented. She and I sometimes collaborate on joint projects, she writes and records music, and she hosts a local TV show in Azusa, CA.


Rachel Rasmussen Photo Credit: Joshua Rasmussen

Rachel Rasmussen
Photo Credit: Joshua Rasmussen

Here is the Amazon book description:

What would your ideal life be like if you had no limitations? Many people view limitations as mountains blocking their greatest dreams. They feel powerless to overcome the obstacles. They feel that their dreams are out of reach. This feeling is part of ordinary life.

The purpose of this book is to help people discover ways to actually step into their greatest dreams. Rachel Rasmussen, M.S., and Joshua Rasmussen, Ph.D., share strategies they discovered in the pursuit of their own dreams. When they were fresh out of graduate school, they saw a huge gap between academic insights and real world impact. So, they began to study people who seemed to be living great lives. Intrigued by what they learned, they began to apply their academic training as researchers and develop principle-based strategies. These strategies began to transform their own lives in extraordinary ways.

Each strategy emerges from a shift in mindset. Rachel and Joshua use science, reason, and life experience to show how four new mindsets can transform lives from ordinary to extraordinary. They explain how great people think differently than ordinary people. Great people think differently about their self-worth, their environment, their purposes, and their wealth. Rachel and Joshua translate these ways of thinking into actionable strategies. They show, for example, how to convert problems into resources, how to have more happiness by adding more value to others, how to build money machines that cause cash to flow to you, and more. This book will give you timeless keys that will unlock your most extraordinary life.

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