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Lady Knight


Hey Fantasy Fans!

If you’re looking for something new and exciting to listen to, look no further than Audible or iTunes for your copy of Lady Knight (The Knight Case, Book 1) by T. Nathan Mosely.

Do you like magicians, knights, demons, and sassy New York cop leading ladies? Do you like romance, adventure, world hopping, and a giant rift spewing forth armies of spirit zombies? Then this is the story for you!


      1. Retail Sample - T. Nathan Mosley


Publisher’s Summary

Detective Cameron Knight does not believe in magic. It’s kind of hard to when you’re a single(-ish) mother in a high stress job that pulls you from bed at all hours of the night. One of these nights, though, Cameron encounters a magician. Not one of those guys who pulls rabbits out of hats, but a real, true magician. Of course she doesn’t believe it. Until Mathias reveals to her a world that is full of magic, knights, kings, and more.

Following the writings of one of the most powerful magicians to have ever lived, Mathias escaped to Earth, running from Knight Captain Emil Rouland. Emil has been tasked with bringing Mathias before the King of Draeca to face the King’s justice. But Marek, a magician and enemy of Mathias, has other ideas. He sees this as his big break to finally exact his revenge on Mathias and become the hero he’s always wanted to be.

Little do they all know, however, traveling between Earth and Draeca has a terrible cost. The fate of both worlds will hang in the balance as Vee, a being of immense power and evil, plots to conquer one, or both, of the worlds.

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