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To Save Two Worlds Audiobook

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Now available through Audible and iTunes, the first book in the riotous Worlds Akilter series by A. J. Bakke, To Save Two Worlds (is twice as much fun) follows Lidrans Kale and Ti as they navigate not only their home world of Deart, but also the United States of Earth, in search of the magical human that can save their world and ours. Fortunately for them, they meet helpers along the way, from other Lidra to an enchanted mouse to a human with a healthy imagination.

Download the Audible versionĀ HERE to begin your adventure!


      1. Retail Sample - A. J. Bakke

Publisher’s Summary

Kale has never quite fit in with his own people. Born with an uncanny ability to sense things beyond the physical, the anxiety caused by that unbalanced power drives him to do odd things that interfere with his everyday life. He becomes the unwitting, cosmic trail blazer sent on a journey for what? Not even he knows at first. Through various, comical and daunting scenarios, he has to survive such hazards as the feet of giant earthlings, the ineptitude of a mage with a short attention span, the fury of a female’s wrath, a soul devouring parrot, and worst of all; crazy cat ladies.

One of those human hazards goes by the name of Amiah. While out at a LARP (Live Action Role Play) game, she comes across the lidra. She decides to capture them as nicely as she can so she can learn more about them. She has always wanted to be involved in something beyond the reality she has grown up in. While being a nanny for a couple of lively boys is a rewarding job, she’s always had her head in the clouds, searching for the magical something beyond the mundane.

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