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Dragon’s Debt by H. L. Burke


What’s better than two royal and eligible young men?

3 of them! You’ve come to love Prince Ewan and King Edmond, now Dragon’s Debt introduces Prince Ryan of Westshire: a somber, honorable prince who wants to do right by his people. You’ll also meet his tyrant father, naive younger sister, and loyal friends.

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      1. Retail Sample - H. L. Burke

Publisher’s Summary:

Scholar Shannon Macaulay and the Dragon-Prince Ewan have been traveling together for a year when their blissful companionship is interrupted by a cryptic message from their friend Martin. “Come to Westshire. Edmond needs you.”

Drawn to his brother’s aid, Ewan finds himself hunting an elusive monster: a winged beast kidnapping young women and stealing their memories. Its latest victim is the Princess Brighid of Westshire, the very girl Edmond has recently fallen for, to the disapproval of her temperamental father, King Riley, and stoic brother, Prince Ryan. Ewan is determined to rescue his brother’s beloved, no matter what the cost. But when Ryan’s eyes fall upon Shannon, the dragon realizes the cost might be greater than he is willing to pay.

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