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Firedancer by S. A. Bolich

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Do you love a good fantasy story? So do I! And Firedancer is one of the most unique stories I’ve recently read. It was also a Finalist for the 2013 EPIC Award for Fantasy.

Because the genre allowed me to be a little more creative with character voices, I had both more fun and more work keeping track of those voices! Fantasy is probably my favorite genre to read for fun (okay, maybe tied with historical fiction), so this project was especially enjoyable for me. I hope it’s even more enjoyable for you, the Listener.



      1. Retail Sample - S. A. Bolich

Here’s the Story

Jetta’s Dance is the first line of defense in the war to vanquish the Ancient: the malevolent, living fire that dwells in the heart of the world. When the Dance no longer holds the Ancient at bay, a failed firedancer and her erratic apprentice are all that stand between a helpless village and the impending firestorm.

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