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If you enjoyed To Save Two Worlds is Twice as Much Fun (Worlds Akilter, Book 1) by A. J. Bakke, you’re going to love the first book of her new “Magic is to Be” series: Magic is to Dance.

The Lidra are back, but this population are silver, some of them ride dragons, and they remember how to use magic.

The problem is, if you have too much magic, you get stuck as a stability mage, which is a thankless line of work. But that’s not what Cayden wants to do, despite his potent magic. He wants to dance. With his friends Zanterine and Setheroc, he aims to be the best magic dancer there is. But can he keep his real capabilities hidden when a nefarious magician threatens the entire colony?

Listen to a sample here:

      1. Sample - A. J. Bakke

Publisher’s Summary

Shoveling dragon dung for a living isn’t glamorous, but Cayden has dreams of performing as a magic dancer at the summer competitions. Although the dragon races eclipse everything else, Cayden and his small troupe intend to follow their dreams.

At the dragon races, Cayden discovers something worse than losing when he stumbles upon a deadly plot that threatens thousands of lives, including those of his family and friends.

While the dragons race against each other, Cayden must race against time.

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